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The game is about a man who enters a house and this is abandoned house which was built in 1970 and, according to legend, all members of the family who lived there killed themselves since then no one has entered it. Dare to be the first to explore its 5 levels and each level has more difficulties and more fear!

Using the mouse and repeatedly touching the objects you find something there and which frees the tormented spirits that dwell … creepy.

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"The house" a game released in 2005 especially for Halloween, a game that forces you to jack everything that is present in the room , as you go across the 5 levels is changing the scenario, level one is the main room, the two I think is the bathroom, the kitchen, the third, the fourth child's room and finally the basement, play as you cross levels by giving cric things are more difficult to cross and find.

Instructions: see the game instructions top

Launched: October 22, 2012

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  • jeff the killer


    not really scary but the maze HALO SCARY


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